Program for Nov 2, 2021

Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena

Novenber 2, 2021

Co-chairs Carol Lande and Trudi Anderson

Nocturne, Op.19, No. 4                                                                              Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky

Prayer (from Jewish Life, No. 1)                                                                                       Ernest Bloch

Romanian Folk Dances                                                                                                    Bela Bartok

Stick Dance (Bot-tánc)

Sash Dance (Brâul)

Dance from Bucsum (Bucsami tánc)

Fast Dance (Aprózó)


Kim Ruys de Perez, cello     Tomoko Takasugi, piano


Ipacarai, folk song from Paraguay

La Vie en Rose                                                                                                                   Edith Piaf

Marina Battifora and guitar


Duo #1                                                                                                                      Ludwig van Beethoven


Duet for Violin and Viola, Op. 69, #2                                                                            Ignaz Pleyel


Duos for Violine and Viola                                                                           Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Roberta Wilcox, violin      Tammy Cognetta, viola


Waltzes, Op. 39                                                                                                  Johannes Brahms

No. 2 E major

No. 3 g# minor

No. 4 e minor

No. 5 E major

No. 7 c# minor

No. 8 Bb major

No. 11 b minor

No. 15 Ab major

Priscilla Yam, piano



Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena would like to thank the Altadena Baptist Church for their support